Upcoming changes to the healthy homes standards

Changes will be made to some of the healthy homes standards in May 2022. Find out more.

Where to start – tips for landlords from the Property Investors’ Association

Meeting the five healthy homes standards for rental properties doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a process that can seem daunting if you’re a landlord just starting out on the journey to make a healthier rental home.

Keeping good records

Just like keeping rent and bond payment records, healthy homes standards regulations requires landlords to keep records about their compliance with the standards.

How to get the most out of your heat pump

As part of the healthy homes heating standard your rental’s main living room will need a fixed (not portable) heater. It must be an acceptable type of heater, and it must meet the minimum heating capacity required for that room.

Heat pumps that are the right heating capacity will meet the grade, but once you’ve got one how do you make sure you getting the most out of it?

We asked our friends at Gen Less to give us some tips.

Planning for compliance

Tamati is a new landlord with two properties, take a look at how he plans to get these rentals up to standard.


Follow Jason and Henry as they plan to comply with the heating standard early, before the compliance deadline.

Cold, damp, mouldy homes - the evidence

Find out why the healthy homes standards are so important.

Healthy habits

Keeping your home healthy isn’t just up to your landlord. Here are some things you can do daily to help keep you and your whanau warm, dry, clean and healthy.  

Making homes healthier - ventilation and moisture control

As part of the healthy homes ventilation standard, every liveable space in a property needs an openable door or window to the outdoors, to let out moisture and get air circulating. In this article, a tenant and landlord share their experiences with improving ventilation and moisture control in their rentals.

Moisture Ingress and Drainage

John is trying to find out what he needs to do, as a landlord, to make sure his rental property meets the healthy homes moisture ingress and drainage standard.