Moisture Ingress and Drainage

John is trying to find out what he needs to do, as a landlord, to make sure his rental property meets the healthy homes moisture ingress and drainage standard.


Follow Talia, a landlord as she finds out what she needs to do to get her rental property compliant with the healthy homes insulation standard.

Getting your head around the compliance deadlines

For the healthy homes standards there are things landlords need to have done by a certain time.
These deadlines aren’t just one size fits all. They’re different depending on the type of property and when the tenancy agreement was signed or changed.

Heating for rentals

To meet the healthy homes heating standard landlords will have to provide a heating source in the main living room that has the required minimum heating capacity.

5 reno tips for rentals

Own a rental property but not sure what you need to do to meet the healthy homes standards?

Following these five steps will help you meet the requirements and will also help your property last longer, be more secure, need less long-term maintenance and attract tenants who want to look after it.

Draught stopping

Sue has louvre windows in the toilet and bathroom of the house she rents. Sue is unable to close the windows properly and there are significant gaps between the glass panes.


Maia is a landlord and is trying to figure out if she needs to install extractor fans in the bathrooms of her rental property.

How to create that healthy rental feeling

Since the healthy homes standards for rental properties in New Zealand were introduced the phrase healthy homes has become very popular – but what does this mean for you as a tenant?