The handle that is used to open and close the louvre windows is jammed. Sue, a tenant in the property, is unable to close the windows properly and there are significant gaps between the glass panes (big enough to fit a $2 coin through them).

Sue believes the gaps in the windows are unreasonable and is concerned about the noticeable draughts they are causing.

Sue calls her landlord (Angela) to tell her about the louvre windows and how they won’t comply with the new draught stopping standard. Angela decides she would like to get the louvre windows replaced, instead of just fixing the issue with the handles. She contacts a local supplier and gets the windows replaced so that there are no draughts.

She then also checks the draught stopping guidance document and learns the open fireplace at the property needs to be closed off. After checking that Sue doesn’t use the fireplace, Angela arranges for it to be blocked.

Angela is aware of the healthy homes standards. For her own records she makes a note of her compliance with the draught stopping standard. Angela will need this information for the compliance statement required in new tenancy agreements from 1 December 2020.

More information on required statements for tenancy agreements(external link)

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