Follow Jason and Henry as they plan to comply with the heating standard early, before the compliance deadline.

Jason is renting a 1 bedroom flat in Hamilton on a periodic tenancy. He currently has 1 heater that he uses over the winter months but it doesn’t do a lot to keep the main living room warm. Jason has heard about the healthy homes standards and realises that the heating standard requires a qualifying fixed-heating device for the main living room that meets the minimum heating capacity required for the room.

He decides to talk to his landlord, Henry, about this and see if there are any plans to get the property up to standard soon.

Henry looks at the compliance timeframes on the Tenancy Services website to double check when the property will need to comply. He sees that it will need meet the healthy homes standards on 1 July 2024 if Jason stays on his current tenancy agreement.

After speaking with Jason at the inspection, Henry is willing to begin work to meet the heating standard early and install a fixed heating source in the main living room. He visits the Tenancy Services website(external link) and reads that he can calculate the minimum heating capacity required for the main living room using the online heating assessment tool(external link). After reading the heating tool guide(external link), he works through each section of the tool until he receives what the required heating capacity is. He will need to provide a qualifying fixed heating source that will provide 4.3kw of heating capacity to the main living room.

Henry reads information about different heating options on the Gen Less(external link) website. He decides he will install a heat pump and works with a provider to choose a heat pump for the main living room that will provide at least the minimum required heating capacity of 4.3kw. He then arranges a time with Jason for it to get installed.

After the installation, Henry keeps copies of his communication with the installer, the code of compliance from the electrician who installed the heat pump as well as invoices and other documentation. He will need this as proof of compliance with the healthy homes heating standard.