There are 2 bathrooms in the house: an ensuite with a shower and a main bathroom. They both have windows that open to the outside and the main bathroom also has a shower dome.

After reading the information about the ventilation standard on the Tenancy Services website,(external link) Maia learns that the shower dome and openable windows on their own don’t meet the ventilation standard. While shower domes can be effective in containing moisture, they do not extract the moisture outside.

To meet the ventilation standards she is going to install extractor fans that ventilate air to the outside in each bathroom, and in the kitchen, and make sure that these meet certain size and capacity requirements.

In the ensuite, there is limited wall space so she isn’t sure if it’s going to be possible to install the extractor fan in the wall. She hires a qualified electrician listed on the Electrical Workers Registration Board to advise on and install the bathroom extractor fans.

In the main bathroom, the electrician recommends Maia installs a ducted extractor fan (the fan unit is in the roof space and the ducting vents to the outside).

In the ensuite, the electrician recommends installing the extractor fan through the roof to the outside. This is one of the only ways to install the fan without needing to carry out major structural work. The electrician confirms that the recommended fan meets the requirements for size and capacity.

Maia has the recommended extractor fans installed and now complies with the ventilation standard for her bathrooms. She keeps copies of communication with the electrician to show her compliance, including invoices, proof of installation and capacity.

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