Healthy habits

We’re not trying to tell you anything you don’t know - but everyone needs a reminder now and then about the small things that make a big difference. Here’s some healthy habits you can keep up to make the most of your home.

  • Open your windows and doors in the morning to give the house an air-out. 15 minutes should do it.
  • Dry your washing outside if you can, or in a room with the doors closed and a window open.
  • Use the extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen and open your windows when showering or cooking.
  • Use lids on your pots when cooking.
  • Wipe off any condensation from the windows.
  • Move your furniture away from the walls so there is a gap to let the air flow through.
  • Air out a room after you leave it, and turn off the heater. By releasing the heat you’ll avoid condensation.
  • Keep in contact with your landlord about any damage or repairs. Things like blocked or leaking downpipes and gutters, leaks in pipes, dampness or leaks in walls or ceilings, and signs of mould can cause major problems if left unfixed.

Get that healthy rental feeling